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April 08, 2009


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Sean Feldman

Get the kids shoes sooner than later :)


On the whole, Seth was absolutely right, but his post also conflated a bunch of aspects of Web design, that need to be considered separately.

First, there's the visual aspects of the site -- sometimes you want people to notice them, sometimes not -- but they should always complement the story you're telling about your business.

Second, there's the technology, which should always function properly and efficiently...it's very possible to use some cutting edge technology on a site that appears somewhat stodgy. Nonetheless, noticeable bleeding edge technology is sometimes appropriate and sometimes not.

Thirdly, there's my corner of the world, the interaction. Here we care about things like: Is it a button? Should we use something besides a button? Does it look like a button? Does it behave like a button? Does the button do what the user expects? I have never encountered a site where the interaction design was a good thing to notice. In fact, I'm fond of telling my clients that if, when I'm done, a user can tell I've done anything at all, I haven't done the best job possible. Everything should simply do just what you expect.

I've always found kids like going barefoot ;-)

Hazel Nieves

After reading the blog post by Seth Godin discussing the first question every web designer must ask I said, amen Seth…but there is an even more important question that needs to be asked in my opinion that really starts with the client NOT the web designer.
Check out my response here... http://www.strategicbusinessdesigner.com/archives/72

Doug Wagner

Thanks for all the comments.

It is very interesting that so many business owners see their website as nothing more than a brochure, and a poorly thought out one at that.

But, it is a reality that most small business owners are good at the service they provide and not all the other aspects of business like marketing.

P.S. I understand two things better now. One you need a story to tell and two, your online presence needs to be an extension of your physical company, they are not separate.

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